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Today, 80% of buyers are looking to the Internet to preview the homes they are interested in. Before even seeing the property, buyers will make their judgments based off the way the house is marketed. Knowing how important digital marketing is, agents are now turning to new and creative ways to promote their listings. According to Jessica Cumberbatch of the Huffington Post, John Legend’s Hollywood Hills home is hitting the market with a two-minute music video that shows the house in a unique and charming fashion. Although John Legend did not score the music himself, this video represents one of the new and unique ways that properties can now be marketed to buyers.

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Real estate in Los Angeles is one of a kind. Very few places on Earth will a fire-sale not result in an enormous discount. But, it just so happens that a literal “tear down” in Silver Lake just sold for over half a million dollars. It was asking $399,000 and sold for $575,000 which is about $60,000 more than the median Los Angeles home price (Bianca Barragan, Curbed LA). It’s amazing what views of the Hollywood sign can do to the price of a shack that literally cannot be lived in. This is why we love real estate.


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According to the Beverly Hills Courier, an unknown filming project will be closing one of the entrances to Bel Air for eight hours overnight. Although this seems like a minor inconvenience, the current residences of the neighborhood are not taking the situation lightly. Together, they have voiced their concerns stating that the filming will cause “an inconvenience and a safety hazard in a fire-prone area.” According to the “Curbed LA” blog, all they have to do is use another entrance. But, apparently this particular community has been through a lot recently with: “overdevelopment, construction, and excavation vehicles following the water incident from the UCLA flooding last summer (Bianca Barragan, Curbed LA). The outraged members of the community can simply use a different entrance, or they should take advantage of the situation and see what is being filmed.

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